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When does JRWI release episodes?

We are on a biweekly upload schedule on Youtube & on Patreon! We upload every Saturday, alternating between our main campaign and our Patreon exclusive campaign. We are on this schedule for the foreseeable future to to help our team balance creating the show & other time commitments!

The episodes tend to release earlier in eastern standard time, but can sometimes come later for various reasons.

The week of the main campaign upload, the episode is released for Patreon early access on Wednesdays, and then are live premiered on Youtube the following Saturday.

What campaigns are available to watch?

RIPTIDE is our current ongoing, public, main campaign. Riptide is ran with D&D 5e and is about an ocean world filled with conflict between freshly outlawed pirates, a questinable world government, & a self-isolated society under the sea. The main characters come from each of these world powers, forming a group called The Riptide Pirates, traveling the world to help those in need, fuck shit up, and be the best pirates the world has ever seen.

Prime Defenders is our ongoing Patreon Exclusive Campaign ran with Mutants & Masterminds, set in the super hero world of Prime. The story follows three wildly different young teens as they come of age and discover the truth behind being a hero, all while burdened with the responsibility of being the heirs to the Prime Force.

Apotheosis is a Patreon Exclusive mini-series ran with D&D 5e about a world abandoned by its gods & left in a devastating eternal twilight. It's up to Rumi, Peter Sqloint, and Thanatos, to hunt down these gods and use their power to fix the world.

Blood in the Bayou is a Patreon Exclusive mini-series ran with Call of Cthulu. Three best friends return to their home, Galloway, and quickly discover the eldritch horrors that have stolen the face of reality. Kian Stone, Timothy Rand, & Rolan Deep, desperately search for answers to solve the mystery that is set to drive them to insanity.

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