An absurdly powerful D&D podcast where we Just Roll With It!

JRWI is a group of friends who love playing D&D, making jokes, and decided to Just Roll With It.

Follow these four powerful men as they roll their way through whatever adventures lie ahead!


Gillion Tidestrider

Born in a bed of coral under the light of the blue moon in the eye of raging storm, Gillion Tidestrider is a Triton Paladin chosen by destiny to fulfill the Undersea's legendary prophecy. After being mysteriously transported away from his watery home to the surface world, he truly is a fish out of water. Strong of heart and confused of mind, Gillion will do anything to become a hero - it is his destiny! Pretzel is Gillion's pink frogtopus companion beloved for her keen mind, cute face, and occasional spurts of insatiable bloodlust.

William Wisp

A ghostly mystery-solving teen from the shadowy town of Deadwood. After an accident results in William gaining the ghostly powers of a will-o-wisp, he finds himself as a superhero in training in the metropolis of New Haven. He will do whatever it takes to get to the bottom of the dark mysteries afoot in the city with the help of his new friends. His hero name is The Wisperer, and he definitely meant to fall through the floor just then.

Gillion Tidestrider holding a sword above his shoulder


Jay Ferrin

Born and raised to be Navy, but lives for the adventure and freedom of a pirate. Jay Ferin is the straight-laced Human Ranger/Artificer of the group. Through rigorous training as a youth she developed the skills necessary to survive on the ocean, but now she uses those skills for all the wrong reasons. She is a black sheep in the world of pirating, but strives to prove herself as she makes steps towards her goal.

Vyncent Sol

A young elf from another world. After a mysterious incident, Virion found himself in the unfamiliar city of New Haven with the ability to channel the souls of heroes from his own world. In this new world he has taken up the alias “Vyncent” and will strive to find a way back home, and to protect his new one with his new friends.


Dungeon Master

Captain of the JRWI Crew, and weaver of tales from the waves of Mana! Nate (Grizzly) is the current DM for Just Roll With It's main campaign, Riptide. Riptide follows the story of a dysfunctional trio of amateur pirates, adventuring in the unpredictable ocean world of Mana. Grizzly is a fairly new Dungeon Master, but a life-long fan of improv acting, voice acting, and D&D. He is best known for his YouTube series about forcing friend to dub anime clips, known as "Anime Voice Camp." He likes long walks around the comfort of his home, rap music, and being called big. Big G.

Dakota Cole

A high-strung and happy go lucky teen with the pure heart of a super-hero, and born in the heart of downtown New Haven! Dakota Cole grew up with an intense admiration for the world's strongest super heroes, and without any form of strict parenting. He was raised by a master of martial arts, chased thrills, and rushes of adrenaline, until one mistake led to a severe accident nearly costing him his life. After being saved by a experimental procedure, resulting in super-hero upgrades to his body, he's finally able to chase his dream of being a hero, saving the world alongside the Prime Defenders! NO MATTER THE DANGER, D.C. is ALWAYS COMING!



The young pirate captain of the Albatross who knows absolutely nothing about being a pirate captain. Chip spent his childhood aboard the ship of the Black Rose Pirates being raised by Arlin James. Since the disappearance of these pirates, Chip has hopelessly attempted to recreate the joy he felt aboard that ship by amassing his own crew. Recruiting Gillion Tidestrider and Jay Ferin to his side, Chip has set out to discover what truly happened to the Black Rose Pirates. However, he is a bastard, so things do not exactly go that way. Good thing Chip always has a plan!

Dungeon Master

Long time superhero enjoyer, first time DM, Zach (bizly) sits at the helm for the Patreon Exclusive Campaign JRWI: Prime Defenders. This show being the first JRWI campaign to depart from the traditional Dungeons and Dragons system, trading it in for the Mutants and Masterminds ruleset. The story follows 3 teens as they navigate the complicated path to becoming superheroes. When he’s not filling his role as DM, Zach enjoys creating music and content for his own YouTube channel.